Sunday, August 25, 2013
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  St. Martin of Tours Flaherty Mission
St. Martin of Tours in Flaherty will hold a mission from Aug 25t h through Aug 28th. "Standing On the Rock of Faith" is the topic of the mi ssion, which will be given by Catholic Evangelist, Richard Lane. All are welcome to attend. For more information call 270-828-2552.

21st Sunday of the year

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7:00pm New Entry[7:00pm] Doug Barry at St. Patrick
Doug Barry, co-host of EWTN's Life on the Rock will speak at St . Patrick Parish. Topics will include chivalry, modesty and being soldiers for Christ. Q&A will take place throughout the evening. Refreshments wil l be served. A donation of $5 per person or $10 per family is requested. All are welcome! For more info, contact Rebecca at 396-6219.

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